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Mail Services

There is more to postal efficiency than rates. HealthLOGIX is an experienced partner that understands the importance of qualifying each piece of mail. It’s why we use every tool available from the United States Postal Service (USPS) and more.

Our first step in postal qualifying data is to process all files through our CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software. In short, CASS cleans up addresses. For example, it appends a zip code by adding the +4 to provide the deepest postal discounts possible. Second, we utilize DPV (Delivery Point Validation) software to ensure the address is valid and deliverable. Additionally, clients have the option to have us process data files through NCOALink, which conducts a real-time name and address check with addresses on file with USPS.

What can our Mail services do for you?

Address Standardization

  • USPS CASS-Certified Zip+4 software
  • Correction of most problem addresses
  • Identification of potentially undeliverable mail
  • Standardization of address format

Address Validation

  • USPS Delivery Point Validation
  • Validation of the address is a known delivery point
  • Confirmation of the mailing is within an active address range
  • Reduced percentage of undeliverable mail

Address Check

  • USPS NCOALINK software
  • Real-time name and address check
  • More than 160 million address change records on file
  • Detailed reporting for up-to-date internal records

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What does this mean for your business?


Less Undelivered Mail

In conjunction with using the tools provided by the USPS, our experts use the Merlin System technology for real-time verification of postal acceptance.


Non-Delivery Data

We use Ancillary Service Endorsements, like Address Service Requested to obtain the addressee’s forwarding address or Return Service Requested for information regarding non-delivery.


Increase Cost Savings

In addition to the cost efficiencies from less undeliverable mail, our Manifest Mailing service allows us to commingle different envelope weights into the same tray to help qualify your mailings for the highest level of savings by the USPS.