Solving your business process management challenges with eSolutions.


HealthLOGIX has developed proprietary online tools designed to address the business process management needs of our healthcare clients. Our eSolutions provides a simple and secure way to manage, review, track and archive documents in production.

With ProLOGIX™, our web-based customer portal, you can define data elements, manage material content, hold or cancel records prior to production and more.

WebView™, our Internet-based storage archive and retrieval tool, offers easy access and secure storage of digital files.

With our powerful eSolutions tools, you can apply business rules, track individual runs through our production systems (including mail tracking through USPS locations) and even find an entire group of documents in minutes, not days.

What can our eSolutions do for you?

  • Builds print-on-demand contracts from documents in our electronic library
  • Lets you pick and choose what goes into your member packages
  • Helps create and modify the contents of your job materials
  • Offers easy access to any document HealthLOGIX has produced
  • Provides secure long-term storage for your digital files
  • WebView™ can be used as a pre-audit verification system

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What does this mean for your business?


Streamlined Process

Our online library offers clients the ability to load new creative, upload multiple versions of creative and swap out one document for another.


Real-Time Tracking

Use our ProLOGIX™ tool as a checkpoint for ensuring your mailings are updated, processed and mailed on time and error free.


Custom Reporting

Along with standard reports, we can also provide customized reporting, including inventory, job status and mail tracking.